Do you ever look at your kids and wonder what it would be like if they were a little more active? Instead of lounging around in your sofa with their mobile phones in hand or playing video games, what if they were actually getting some fresh air? What is their recreation time consisted of playing outside instead of damaging their eyes constantly?

Get your kid out of the couch

You might have consistently wondered what to do about this little problem. Well, it is time to take actual steps and make them leave their sofa. Spring is around the corner and it might be the perfect time to introduce them to the world of kites and kite flying. Kites don’t necessarily have to be for little kids. Even older kids would enjoy a good flight. Some kites have air-filled foils while others have solitary lines, twin lines, and quad lines. There is a kite for everybody.

family kites

Capture the Moment

There is nothing quite like the pleasure and sense of accomplishment you can see in a child’s eye when they launch a kite correctly for the first time. It might be worth taking a pic or capturing a video of. The kite goes upward and upward until it becomes almost one with the sky, swimming along with the force of the wind.

Naturally, your child will begin to giggle more, chasing along with the kite so it doesn’t go out of sight. By now, the time spent on the sofa has already lessened by a copious amount. This is not just for young ones either. The father, mother and even other relatives and neighbors can take part in this afternoon of fun. Exercising with the family is double the fun!

Girl flying kite - Modern kite making workshop
kids fly kite with fly360

Kites without strong wind

Now, you might have this question. What to do if the wind isn’t blowing today? Well, that’s no excuse. Kites have changed a lot from its traditional models. The mechanism and elements have changed enough to form zero wind glider kites which has no problem flying even with the lack of wind.

There are kites that fly without wind. These days, there are massive colorful kites that can swish through the night air and fill the sky with color. Adults and children can enjoy this type of kites alike. Additionally, there are two options for kite size. There really are no excuses a person can have left to not enjoy the outside air. However, if there are still complaints about this activity, your children will quickly change their mind once they see the Night Kite show from Fly360.

LED Night flying kite show

Fly360 conducts actual kite flying shows and events in the night. You must be wondering how it could be remotely possible to fly a kite in the night. The invention of LED kites have certainly solved this problem. Even if your children don’t want to get the fresh air of the morning or the evening, the LED kite will have them getting out of their sofa seat at least once to fly a kite after dusk.

This is an emerging trend and the rapid increase in its popularity is astounding. If you want your children to get really into the feel of it, you can attend one of the LED Night Flying Kite Show festivals arranged by Fly360. You can come with a bunch of kites created by you and your family, which will also make the novelty of kite flying stronger. In this festival, the kites sent by you and others will have LED lights attached to the sides in various shapes.

When the kites finally launches off into the night, it will look like Diwali. Except, there would be no pollution you would be responsible for. Night kite flying might be the most innovative technique invented to not only get kids out of the safety of their couch, but also make them happier and active, all the while being environment-friendly.

FLY360 custom design led night flying kite
LED Night flying kites - Construction site promotion

Get in touch

In case you decide to conduct one of this event, or want to attend one, you can contact Fly360. We are available 24/7 and you can chat with us online to understand the process. Mention this festival to your kids and watch them bloom with anticipation!

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