21'st Century

Life in the 21st century is a whirlwind! People are always occupied with one thing or another. If it’s not that deadline your boss gave you at work, then it’s the electricity bill that needs paying. And when you finally get some free time, you want to go to the gym because you’ve got to stay fit to avoid the hullabaloo! After a point, your social life starts to seem too demanding.

You have to have time for your work friends, college friends and visit your family every so often! It’s just far too chaotic and all you really want to do is hit pause for a second and do something that rejuvenates your mind and body.

So what you’re looking for is to catch the wind outside and feel it rush against your face. But you also want to be up and about instead of just taking a walk. What you’re looking for is something that makes you feel completely alive and drags you out of your monotonous life!

If you’re thinking, “That’s exactly what I want”, then get ready to feel alive with a touch of nostalgia because our solution for you is flying kites! With FLY360, you can even make your own kites through their Modern Kite Making Workshop! Flying kites takes you back like no other game and makes your heart happy like no other sport.

Kites in the air - Beach Kite Festival at Dwarka 2017

Connecting with Nature

I have flown kites all my life and I believe they help me live my life to the fullest. Kites are such a huge part of me and probably the reason why I firmly believe that they can really help someone feel lighter in a world that has been making you feel heavy.

To start out, flying a kite brings you so much closer to nature. Breathing in the fresh air and feeling the sun against your skin can make you feel lighter and happier. If you feel a little crazier then maybe even lay on the grass and look up into the sky. Connecting to the nature around you is the best feeling and can improve your mood instantly.

Delta kite - kite flying in celebrations

Keeping fit

Once you’re out in the world and out of the couch, you’re a step closer to leaving behind the lazy break of binge-watching. As you launch the kite into the air and thrust your hands high above your head, you will feel the adrenaline course through you.

You will be running to chase the kite and walking to make sure it’s steady and without even realising it, you’ve been exercising! Flying a kite is not just a good pastime to relieve stress but a great form of exercise which is essential for your body and far more natural than hitting the gym.

Most people skip exercising because of the long day at work but exercising keeps your muscles strong and keeping your body in motion will help you even as you start to age.

dashain festival kids flying kites
Genre of work - Beach kite event fly360 KITE FESTIVAL 2019 14


So now that you’re happy and stress-free, you probably want to invite your friends and family to share this recipe of escape through flying a kite! Catching up with your friends and family can become so much simpler and stress free as well.

Us humans are always in need of company and love spending time with loved ones. Is this not the best way to do so many things all at once and allow yourself to let go of the rushed life you’re living?

relieve stress

Smiles :) Guaranteed

So, here we are! Kites are a stress-reliever, a good way of exercising and helps socialise but is that it? Not quite yet! Being an experienced kite flyer, I can guarantee that flying kites are extremely FUN! And anything that can be fun is sure to make you pepped up and happy.

My motto, when it comes to flying kites is, “Smiles Guaranteed” because I know the sheer joy one gets out of watching a kite soar high up in the sky. It’s as peaceful and calming as mindfulness. Breathing in the fresh air, bringing awareness to your mind and body, higher spirits, increased happiness and reduction of all the stored anxiety and stress; it’s all a part of mindfulness!

The Ultimate Stress-Reliever

When you’re flying a kite, the world around you stops for a second. Remember wanting to hit the pause button? Flying a kite is you being able to hit pause. You can forget about the deadlines back at work and the unpaid electricity bill.

What matters is living in the moment. And when you’re flying a kite, the moment is serene with the warmth of the sun, the freshness of the air and the scent of nature. It’s impossible to not let out a sigh of pure relaxation and smile away!

I know that these are the reasons I fly a kite and I believe you have started to feel the magic too. So all I have to say is that get out there and fly a kite!


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