Mathura the land of Lord Krishna as we all know is very famous for its Holi festival all over India. The most prominent festival of Braj is touted to be Holi and is celebrated with grand fervor. But did you ever think of a Kite festival in Mathura? Well, this is another famous and almost longest festival cum tournament held in Braj. Yes, you read that right, Mathura city in collaboration with the Vrindavan Baal Vikas Parishad and Banke Bihari Card Club organizes a month-long All India Kite Flying Tournament once a year to spread the awareness and keep the art of kite flying alive.

All India kite festival - Mathura

This year kite flying tournament kick-started on 15th February and had around 64 teams participating from various states and cities from India like Delhi, Gujarat, Jaipur to name a few. The Kite Flying tournament was held on Sun city ground in Vrindavan city. The tournament had some luring cash prizes to be given away to the 3-top kite flying teams. The cash prizes were 1 lakh rupees, 50 thousand rupees, and 25 thousand rupees respectively. It was a very captivating scene each day to witness teams being divided into groups and competing by flying kites. The temperature was rising each day and the competition used to continue up to evening. The kites used by all teams were normal “Patang” attached to various kinds of Manja’s(strings). The competition was based upon which team’s kites stay up high in the sky without being cut by the other teams. Towards the end of the tournament, we had 4 teams competing for the finale.

The Final Day of Tournament!

For the Finale day, special arrangements were made by the organizers who had invited our team FLY360 to showcase our designer kites for both day and night flying. The Mathura kite club organizer had approached us through our website and it was very exciting for us to be part of such a lovely event where their passion for promoting kite flying and keeping its tradition alive was a key motto. We at FLY360 also had started this club with the same intent to spread the awareness of kite flying and keep the history alive.

This was one of the key reason for us to collaborate with All India Kite Flying Tournament. We got along our team and headed to Mathura a day prior to the finale day. As soon as we arrived we met with the organizers and appreciated their efforts to work towards keeping the art of kite flying alive through such a huge event. Then we headed to the ground to look and see how many kites we could fly at a time. Next day early morning we arrived at the ground and watched the spectacular finale of the teams fighting to win the big prize money.

FLY360 @ Kite festival

Early in the morning, we started to exhibit our huge enormous kites which made the crowd go gaga over our designs. We flew many kites like Tricolor Heart shape kite, Fish kite, Bird kite, Indian Flag Train kite, etc of which Indian Flag kite was a major hit among the audience. To our surprise, we came to know that many of the people present there who had come to witness the kite festival and fly kites had never seen such huge 3D kites in shape of various objects and animals. They were amazed by the sight of such lovely and colorful designs crafted by our kite designers of FLY360.

It was a very proud moment for us as we were glad that we can grab the attention of the audience and promote the culture of kite flying which is deteriorating slowly in our country. We flew our day flying kites up till evening and then as the sun sank into the clouds we took a small break as the event had other programs to go on with. Post the prize declaration etc we started off with our Night flying specially designed LED kites. These lightweight LED Kites in various forms awestruck the crowd to another level and they were overjoyed to see our night stars shooting the sky with their spectacular colorful LED lights and vivid patterns engraved on them.

The audience thoroughly enjoyed watching our kites for both day and night and the organizers too were very much impressed by our professional kite flying skills and techniques. As the event ended we were presented with momentum and appreciated for coming to Mathura and showcasing the people here a different world of kite and kite flying. On the next day since our train back to Mumbai was in the evening, we had the whole day at leisure. We decided to visit the famous temple in Vrindavan and also indulged in kite flying around an island near the temple. People in good number gathered there to watch our kites fly and we also posed for pictures with young lads who wanted to try flying our unusual kites.

Event Closure

Overall, Mathura Kite Tournament event was a very exciting and different experience for our team. The city and its people were very welcoming and we thoroughly enjoyed our 2 days of Kite Flying in the City. Special thanks to the organizing team for reaching out to us and keeping the trust in us to run the closing ceremony in a unique fashion.

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