Modern Kite Making Workshop

Be a Kite Maker! Because Why Only Fly When We Can Make It As Well!

To all you creative minds who are enthusiastic about flying kites as well as conveying your very own personalized touch too, here is a  one of a stand-out kite making workshop that you will absolutely love.

We are an immaculate decision. Why fly the simple ordinary kites which are accessible in hordes in the market when you can make your own personalized and custom made kites with excellent material. Furthermore, fly them with more eagerness and give yourself the title of a kite maker, doesn’t that sound twofold the good times?

Regardless of whether you are a 7-year-old who has quite recently started to figure out how to fly kites or 60-year-old celebrating old recollections of youthful age while flying kites with your grandchildren. We at Fly360 have a wonderful opportunity for all those kite making enthusiasts irrespective of any age. We will help you to make your dream come to life with our specialized kite making workshop.

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Kite Making Workshop with celebrity

Limca book of world records

Kite Making Workshop with children

Make Your Kite With The Pioneers Of Kite Making

Yes, you read that right!

We are a team of skilled kite flyers and makers with over 20 years plus experience in the world of kite making. We have succeeded in crafting the most brilliant and magnificent kites which have created a sensation not only in India but worldwide.

Our passion for kite making and flying is so much so that we have also found immense joy in sharing our expertise technique, through our kite-making workshop. Here other like-minded kite enthusiasts can be made and break records in the world of kites.

We ourselves are a record holder in Limca Book of Records when it comes to designing creative kites. This record was registered for successfully conducting Modern Kite making workshop for 1017 participants in one sitting in the year 2012. With support from more enthusiastic kite makers like you, we are assured of earning more records such as this in the terrain of kite making.

We conduct several modern kite making workshop for small and large groups of students, professionals, friends, and family, clubs, associations etc. Our kite making workshops are conducted by expert kite makers who are always keen to teach people of any age the wonderful art of kite making.

The kite making workshop duration ranges for 2-3 hours wherein, we help and guide our kite-making enthusiasts craft their imaginative kites and make them come to life in reality. This would enable individuals to call themselves a proud kite maker and also help them impart these skills of to others.

Making a kite? As simple as flying it.

If you are wondering, that it may all be a time-consuming task of getting material and other stuff and in the end after all the diligent work, the kite will fly like an ordinary one. At that point let me put your mind to ease and answer your doubt that NO – this won’t be the case.

All that is required is your imagination and an eager self who is very much keen to learn the beautiful and simple art of kite making. The rest will be taken care by us and we guarantee you that the kites that we make together will fly high and be as beautiful as you have been dreaming about.

One more advantage of this kite-making workshop will be that you will easily be able to take along your personalized custom made kites wherever you go without worrying about its wear and tear. The kites that we’ll make will be foldable up to pocket size and will also be of high-quality paper and sticks so that it can be a last longer.

Moreover, we don’t end the workshop by just making you craft these kite. We also make sure to entertain you by flying some of our unique creative kites and making you fly your own custom-made kite. Additionally, we not only limit the flying to daytime but also indulge in night kite flying activity by flying our specially designed night flying kites.

Modern kite making workshop - FLY360

Join us today !

So what are you waiting for? Join us get your friends family colleagues classmates and everyone else who you think is just so crazy for kites like us. Lets together indulge into a fun-filled and exciting process of kite making and fill the sky with our splendid kites. Cause the bigger the group of zealous kite makers the more fun and innovations are likely to happen and make the kite making workshops a kite festival each time, every time.

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