About FLY360

FLY360 India, formerly known as Ashok Designer Kites is a universally famous kite designer brand, which specializes in designing and flying different sorts of kites which go from miniature kites of 1.5 inch to enormous kites measuring in 100-200 feet.

Our founder Mr. Ashok Shah a prestigious kite designer and flyer, holding world records, voyaging extensively with his group of creative kite flyers and designers from across India and winning various accolades. We have been taking a dynamic part in numerous kite festivals in India and abroad and have made a gigantic mark in the kite making and flying industry around the globe.

Why choose FLY360?

We are a group of passionate Indian kitists, who cherish taking off in the sky with our magnificently custom made designer kites. We have been designing and flying creative kites since the year 1996 and have been persistently endeavoring hard to enhance the experience of kite flying in India through indigenous and exotic kite designs.

Our founders have supported their genuine romance for the aerial sport by designing and flying imaginative kites of majestic sizes and shapes with astonishing planes over decades, which have made the people go WOW after seeing the kite making the sky dance to their tunes with our stunt kites.

We have enriched and embraced many events such as marriages, parties, inaugurals etc with our creative designer and personalized kites, creating joyous and memorable moments with a perfect ambiance. Our custom made designer kites have always given a unique and heartwarming touch to all the events be it commercial or special parties.

Our vision

Our vision is to rejuvenate the culture of kite flying in India more and be the leading platform for flying and making creative kites for various purposes like kite festivals, marketing brands, special recognition, product launches etc in the sky. We aim at leaving a creative dent in the minds of viewers and also adding a unique and sagacious touch to the events and special days.

Our Team

We are a team of contrastingly talented yet similar people having a varied wildness for kites. We collaborate together and get you the best of what you and the sky are remaining by. Our team involves people from various business and specialized backgrounds like Engineers, Doctors, Managers etc yet the only strand that ties us together is the adoration and eagerness for kites that we have.

At FLY360 our team includes specialists who can not only just fly any kind of kites with their unique skills, but also we have the best kite artisans who are pioneers in making splendid personalized kites which can essentially add a substitute gleam to the sky. Not basically kite flyers and makers our team also includes people who keep a researching eye on kites by dwelling into the history to get us aware of obscure and secretive facts about kites which empower us to add the antiquated touch to the forefront kites that we make, furthermore we monitor various sorts of creative kites which are slanting in the market, keep improving on each opportunity to pass on to you another and better version of kites.

We have enthusiastic kite bloggers which keep us all updated about the most recent and various types of stunt kites, custom made kites which are accessible and furthermore give an update on kite festivals throughout the world. We constantly go for getting you the best kite making or kite flying services, we will only be able to do so with your support so that we aim for a bond for a lifetime, just like how the kites keep us connected with their strands!

Ashok Shah
Ashok ShahDirector
Er. Nisarg Shah
Er. Nisarg ShahDirector
Shrusti Shah
Shrusti ShahProfessional Flyer
Ekta Parikh
Ekta ParikhContent Writer
Er. Ankit Bhadane
Er. Ankit BhadaneProfessional Flyer
Er. Amey Kakulate
Er. Amey KakulateProfessional Flyer
Er. Kishor chaudhari
Er. Kishor chaudhariProfessional Flyer
Dr. Richa Shah
Dr. Richa ShahProfessional Flyer

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