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Kite flying with PM of India Mr. Narendra Modi

Narendra modi at Kite Flying Events

Kite Flying with CM of Bihar Mr. Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar in Kite Flying Show

While the name FLY360 is enough for everybody to comprehend that we vanquish all avenues when it comes to kite flying shows and events in India and abroad. Be it corporate events, marriages or social gatherings, our colorful and creative kites has topped all charts and has made the sky a landscape of alluring and vivid pictures that will be etched in the memory of people forever.

Our Unique Approach Towards Varied Kite Flying Show

Our kite flying show also includes corporate gatherings. Here all individuals from the company come together to have a fun-filled outing and this works as a stress-buster too. The youthful exuberance of flying kites is etched in all our memory and this is what we try to recreate through our impressive and pulsating kite flying events.

At our kite flying shows, we also ensure that no individual is just a passive observer and make them take an active part in flying kites. We also conduct a kite making workshop, wherein one can learn the art of making amazing kites and this workshop is open for all irrespective of the age.

Marriage, as they say, is a unique bond made in paradise which is celebrated on earth. So why not celebrate it in a way that the god may even grin upon us with delight? Fly360 brings to you exceptional designer kites and custom printed kites through which you can portray your precious moments and show your endless love to the world. While we fill the sky in with the brilliant display of personalized kites made just for you, you’ll be honored by the guest and onlookers through the whole zone making your day more memorable.

Social gatherings cover an entire spectrum of events which ought to be joyous. And thus, need to be planned in such a way that the true nature is the part of this bliss and is not hurt in any way. Therefore, why not go eco-friendly and make these events full of happiness for all involved.

We at FLY360 understand this and thus, support causes that help in the upliftment of the society and environment. Our basic motto is to protect the earth from all harm and as such, we strive hard to make it work for you, too, by creating eco-friendly kites for all kite flying events.

Well, that’s not all that we cater too. There is somewhat more to add to the innovativeness we have practical experience in. We not just point of confinement our kite events to the daytime, however, have additionally conceptualized kite events for the sunset also.

We have specially designed and engineered LED Night kites that give a radical new look to the sky in the night adding the extra boost to your special events. Our Night kite flying events have just gained much ubiquity and we are endeavoring further to influence this one of a kind idea of night kite flying more well known with the goal that we get the opportunity to witness a jamboree of lights each night we see the sky!

I love Panchgani Event

I love Panchgani Event

Kite festival blog post

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Welcome with us the joyous event of kite flying where not only kids or youngsters but all the age group can take active participation and enjoy their day out while painting the sky with rich fabric colors of your own with our creative kites.

Celebrate kite flying show & events with us and make the whole crowd admire it by filling the sky with our special flying designer kites. The day with us won’t go squander, in light of the fact that you as a part would help us to create some ever-lasting memories. Connect with us, we’re just a phone call away.

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