4 Different Types of Stunt Kites You Should Know

Stunt Kites

A stunt kite is a kite that can be easily navigated in the air. They are controllable and used for enjoyment, but also capable of generating a powerful amount of pull and used for providing movement is the power kite. Stunt kites have been around since 1941 when a steerable diamond design was first flown. Notwithstanding, they began to become popular and available to the public in the early 70s and onwards. Most modern 2-line stunts are dependable, quick and capable of tracing out clear-cut patterns in the air. Stunt kite is easy to use even a child can endeavor and keep the kite off the ground in mellow breezes. With great practice, one can also trace desired patterns in the air.  The kite can be made to flip, slip, stall and do other tricks on and off the ground. For smooth flying, a consistent breeze is required free from trees, buildings or any tall objects which obstruct the breeze.


In recent years, the kite flyers have formed into a tremendous sport because of the progress in multi-line kites. Kite exhibitions are done as an individual or a teamThe contenders are judged on the arrangements they develop in the air. An expansive number of kite flying show is organized in India and internationally.


The widest configuration for a sports kite is a generally triangular “delta” shape, with two lines of control. These designer kites are normally constructed from lightweight ripstop nylon or ripstop polyester with spars made from carbon fiber tubing. The flying lines are made from braided ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, which is light, does not stretch and stays slippery even when wrapped many times. To control the creative kites the user has to pull the right-hand line to turn right and left-hand line to turn left.By utilizing the correct blend of push and force method complex tricks can be traced. To keep up the pitch of the kite the user needs to walk or keep running in forward or in reverse direction, giving the lines perfect measure of strain.

Types of Stunt Kites

There are four main groups of stunt kite:

  • 2 Line Delta Stunt Kites
  • 2 Line Diamond Stunt Kites
  • 2 Line Parafoil Stunt Kites
  • Quad Line Kites

1. 2 Line Delta Stunt Kites


Stunt Kites









Delta stunt kite has the main spar and 2 leading edge spars with fabric stretched between them. One, two or even three horizontal spreaders are also used to keep the kite’s shape. The shape of the kite is triangular with some design to give it a pleasant look. Led’s battery operated are attached to spars for night kite flying.

2. 2 Line Diamond Stunt Kites



Diamond stunt kite is steered in the similar fashion as the delta kite. Look Wise it is a replica of traditional kids kite which is made of paper and few sticks. Most of the diamond kite requires tail to maintain the stability but some are designed without the tail.

3. 2 Line Parafoil Stunt Kites


Stunt Kites









While most kites which have single surface sails, the parafoil has an upper and a lower surface. Dual line parafoils keep their shape by the air running into the holes along the front edge. After the wind expands the soft stunner for take-off, it stays pressurized during flight, holding its thick wing shape. This kite is widely used by kitesurfing team which used such kite for surfing in the water. Personalized kites are manufactured as per their team requirements for national and international kitesurfing events.

4. Quad Line Kites


Stunt Kites









Quad kites look like two kites are joined side by side. There are two extra lines which allow the whole new range of navigation.Tricks like ‘axis spins’ and ‘hover’ become possible with a bit of practice. Since there are 2 lines attached to each of 2 handles steering this kite is easy.


Here is the rundown of 4 different types of Stunt Kites you should know.

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