LED Night Flying Kites

Even wondered If Kites Could FLY In The NIGHT?

The name itself is enough to make us all wonder that how can we have a kite flying festival after the set of dusk. However, with the inception of LED night kite flying or as it is popularly known as – the LED Kites, we don’t have to restrict ourselves to flying kites only at daytime and can now enjoy a kite flying show at night as well.

Night kite flying is a new trend which has emerged out lately and is rapidly gaining attention throughout the world. Thus, as the night starts to gain pace and the sky above us is illuminated in bright stars, why not attend a night kite flying festival and send a dozen of our own creation high up in the sky and watch it light up amongst the stars.

So why not just send a dozen of your stars in the sky, high up there which light up it significantly more and furthermore are closer to us by going for a night kite flying festival? Why make sunset a hindrance to making the most of your special day? Just bring us in and we would make such customized and sparkling night flying kites with your names and figures etched over them so that the whole town would watch the sky in AWESTRUCK emotion!

Night Kite Festival – The New Version Of Diwali !

Diwali implies Festival of Lights. In our younger days, we unquestionably adored this festival because of the astonishing fireworks which used to illuminate the sky make it look as if miracles are pouring down. The night painted in brilliant pictures used to make us with euphoria.

Thus, we at FLY360 convey to you specially designed creative night flying kites which have LED lights fitted with the end goal that they give an eminent and 3D look to the kites. These are lightweight, designer kites which enlighten the sky in the night making every night look as Festival of Lights.

Don’t we all love to watch LED’s show at midnight in the sky? They quickly snatch our attention and give us WOW feeling. So for what reason not utilize these uncommonly outlined nights flying kites to get your group of onlookers’ attention? Indeed a unique way of marketing your product.

Let’s Fill The Night With Kites And Not Just Stars!

At dusk, when everybody is tired and rushing home to catch their rest, wouldn’t it be wonderful to illuminate the night sky with LED kites that have your brand name etched on them. As people come out in the open air to enjoy the beauty of the night, they could marvel at this new Night flying kites as your brand name glides with stars high up in sky making it memorable forever.

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Also, when you lie down at night amidst the sky gazing at the colossal number of stars out, wouldn’t you like to fly your own star that high? So what are you waiting for? Connect with us and we can make your events or brands soar high 24/7.

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