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kite making workshop

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<h2> Kite making workshop: </h2>

Kite flying is a fun- filled time-pass activity enjoyed by people of all ages. What if we are also able to make our own kite? Yes you read that right! We at FLY360 organise kite making workshop for people of all ages. These are modern kite making workshop which are conducted by a team of expert kite artists. For the kite making workshop all you need to do is come with a zeal to learn the beautiful art of kite making. The rest will be taken care by us. We provide safely designed kite making kit for the workshop participants. This kit contains a durable high quality plastic material, rubber string with holders, scissors etc. Kite making workshops are fun and easy way to make your own kite which can fly. So what are you waiting for? get in touch with us today and we can make kites together.

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May 2018

Kite Festival World Record – Kite Making Workshop

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