The Big Fat Wedding

Your wedding can be considered as the most important day of your life. In fact, that’s the biggest festival that you will be able to celebrate. Therefore, you should think about celebrating your wedding with glamour and luxury.

When you are planning for the wedding, you initially decide on a theme. All your wedding day preparations are then based on that theme. It includes your dresses, your wedding hall decorations and even the invitations. While looking for wedding day themes, people prefer to be innovative as much as possible. If you come up with a unique theme, you will be able to create a lasting impression on the minds of all guests who come to your wedding. That’s where you can go ahead with a wedding theme that is related to kites.

Couple enjoying kite flying - Kite Flying Show & Event - Artificial diamond studded lord Ganesh kite

Weddingz with FLY360

You don’t need to have any experience with kites or exposure to kites when you select the theme for your wedding. That’s because FLY360 is there to take care of the things on behalf of you. We at FLY360 has got the ability to make your wedding an everlasting and a memorable experience for you as well as the guests who will be present on the special day. All you have to do is to explain your specific requirements. Then we will also provide our suggestions with celebration kites to make the wedding look fabulous.

Adding the Suprise element

The guests who are present in your wedding prefer to get surprised. They expect surprises in every single activity that you organize for them at the wedding. The traditional events that you have at the wedding, such as the DJ dance and pool parties are not in a position to make the wedding an exciting one. Your guests have plenty of experience with them. Therefore, you need to look for something unique. That’s where you can go for a kite event.

We at FLY360 will be able to help you with getting your kite event organized. In fact, you don’t need to do anything at all and we will take care of everything. You just need to allocate a time slot in the wedding for the kite event and we will take appropriate steps to impress the guests. The kite show that we organize at your wedding can also be personalized according to your specific requirements. Therefore, you will be able to personalize the kite show while adding your romance story to it.

All the guests who are present at your wedding will be amazed with the kite show. The kite show can be organized at the start of your wedding or during the celebrations. If you plan for the kite show at the middle of your wedding celebrations, you will be able to spice up the crowd. But if you decide to have it at the beginning, you will be able to provide a warm welcome. No matter how you plan it, the kite event can make the entire wedding a memorable one for all the guests.

Post wedding planning

In addition to the wedding, you will be able to incorporate kites for your anniversary celebration as well. You must be looking forward to make your celebrations ultra-special. The anniversary gathering you throw can also be customized according to a kite related theme. FLY360 will take care of it and it is possible to make it look fabulous.

During your anniversary celebration, you want your guests to be engaged with a lot of activities. On the other hand, you prefer to let your guests interact with each other and walk back home with a bunch of great and exciting memories. The FLY360 kite workshops fit perfectly well into such situations. All the guests who attend the event will be able to make kites by taking part in the workshop. Since FLY360 is providing all materials needed for the preparation of kites, the guests don’t need to bring anything. They just need to take part in the workshop and create their own kites. This will be a surprise for them as well. Once the kites are prepared, the guests will be able to fly their kites and share the joy along with you.

In addition, we at FLY360 will be able to help you with organizing kite shows at your anniversary celebration event. Just explain how you want it to be personalized. Then we will be able to put up a stunning kite show. It will be a fabulous kite show as well and you will definitely be impressed with what you are being provided with. On the other hand, your guests would also love the unique kite show, which they don’t get the chance to see often. Hence, you can create a perfect atmosphere for enjoyment in your anniversary celebrations with the assistance of FLY360.