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Making a kite is one of the most satisfying things followed by flying one in the wind itself.

One starts from the scratch and measures out every little detail to make sure that it’s perfect. Without the perfect measurements, your kite won’t fly. Thus, you must measure it carefully and decorate it for this is what will light up the sky, especially if you’re flying your kite at night.

With FLY360 you can take part in Night Kite Flying which includes kites that have LED lights on them. These kites literally light up the whole sky as you get to maneuver them and are an ultimate sight. You would love flying kites at night if you prefer the night’s cold wind and the moon’s beautiful sight instead of the warm winds and the sun.

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Kites make you happy

When you launch your creation up into the sky, the wind grasps it and takes it along with it, and you can feel the rush as the kite launches into the air and sails higher and higher.

Do make sure to tug or release the flying line gently to make sure it doesn’t come collapsing to the ground. While the flying line is your only physical connection to the kite, you can feel an emotional and mental connection with the kite when you see it soar.

This emotional and mental connection that you experience during the process of making a kite and flying it has everything to do with the aftereffects of happiness that you feel. Kites do make people happy.

When you’re outside, running with the wind and taking in the freshness of your surroundings, your soul is automatically propelled out of the concrete cage of city life and into the lush green nature.

The scenic beauty and physical exercise is more than enough to release a hormone called serotonin in your brain. And guess what serotonin does? It makes you happy! It makes you so happy that you can’t help but smile and this is called a kite flier’s smile!

People from all around the world witness the kite flier’s smile spreading across their face as they launch their handmade kites into the air and connect to their environment.

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Nostalgia is a good side effect

What adds to my happiness when I fly my kite is the nostalgia of it. I used to fly kites when I was younger and making one in the current day always takes me back to then. However, even as an adult, when I set foot outside to fly a kite, every time feels more freeing than the previous.

As a child, I was very afraid of removing the training wheels from my cycle and would cry every time my dad mentioned it. Once the trainer wheels were off, it was weeks before I even considered trying to ride my cycle again. But I still remember my first ride on my cycle without the trainer wheels and the sheer joy I felt for having overcome my fear and being able to cycle on my own. Everytime I fly a kite now, it takes me back to that very moment and I feel as though I accomplish something new each day.

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It isn't all play and no work

Flying a kite is an experience like no other. Moreover, pairing it with subjects like art, math and science gives it so much more character. You must have heard of the biggest kite enthusiast Benjamin Franklin. Well for those of you who didn’t know, he discovered that the sky is charged up with electricity when there is lightning with a kite.

So don’t you go about believing that kites are only out there for fun because you can learn so many things in your kite making and flying sessions.

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Fly a kite

So get out there and grab everything you need to make a kite. Go back to when you were a little kid and run as fast as the wind that follows your kite. You’ll see exactly why I think making and flying kites are the biggest joy givers in life!

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