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A scenery of glorious, vibrant kites dancing across the azure sky, spreading their colours all over the horizon, is a sight that can leave anyone enchanted, especially the little ones who gather amazement from everything they see.

Learning is fueled by tapping into a child’s natural urge to play and encourage them to conduct the task by themselves. They learn by imagining and doing, a process that not only fulfils their needs to play and enjoy to their heart’s content but also develops a number of skills that will lead them a long way in life.

Let’s go fly a kite!’, these words are enough to get the children jumping with excitement and head outdoors, instead of being packed inside on their screens. Nothing stimulates imagination quite like kite flying and more than anything when done together, the activity creates a better family bonding and will gift you with a weekend filled with laughter, happiness and a bucket full of memories with your child to cherish for years down the road.

While flying kites generate the satisfaction of working with the wind and see your kite dance all the way to the highest peaks, getting things started off the ground isn’t as easy as it might seem. But take a breather, with just a few precautions, patience and the eagerness to learn, you can spend the time of your life with your colourful kites and the twinkling eyes of your child as they stand amazed by the beauty of the kites across the sky.

Pick the right kite

It is the easiest to navigate triangle or delta-shaped kites in light winds. The bigger the kite is, the more strength it would require to keep them under control, so they can be given to the older kids and keep the lighter, smaller ones for the young ones. The kids are just learning the art of flying kites so single-line flyers might be the one for them as they are much easier to fly and has better control than two-line kites which are built to perform tricks and for a more professional flying.

Apart from the shape and size, the colours play a great role in your experience as well. Pick a vibrant colour that stands out in the wide sky, it will help the child keep their eyes on the kite. The more colourful the kites are, the more excited and encouraged kids would be to fly them. A fun cartoon character of their choice will be a great option too.

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Pick The right Location

One of the biggest dangers associated with flying kites comes with the location. Often people take up the activities on their rooftop or an area filled with obstacles like trees, power lines and poles, which could lead to the strings tangling up around the branches and put the flyer in high danger of falling off the height or bumping into something.

To keep your child safe and give them full freedom to run around and fly their kites as high as they wish for it to go, pick a wide-open space in a park, yard or fields like a soccer field, sports stadium, etc. Make sure you stay away from the hills as the speed of wind near the hills will make it a tough task to fly the kite smoothly.

Not just the location, but the climate matters a lot too for a better flying experience. If the sky shows symptoms of a thunderstorm approaching, postpone the activity to a much clearer, sunny day as electricity in stormy clouds can be attracted to the kite’s line and travel through it, resulting in possible shocks and injuries.

Look out for gentle breeze that would encourage your kites to fly higher without much struggle rather than a strong gust of wind that could make you lose control over your kite.

Pick The right Divide The Activities and Learn The Art Of Flying

Getting your kite flying into the air successful requires more than just one pair of hands when you are with children. While flying, divide the duties; one child can hold the ball of the string and the other can take control over the kite. Both the duties are as important as each other. This would help them learn about teamwork and understand the importance of working together as a family, creating a strong family bond.

Flying a kite isn’t a child’s play, it requires patience and dedication to learn how to master the skill. While kids can get a little too excited sometimes, a failed attempt to keep the kite afloat can lower their confidence and ruin their mood.

Thus, it is important that as an adult, you walk them through the process and educate them that flying a kite properly might take a while to get used to but if they practise, they will get better in no time. A few words of encouragement can lead a long way and establish a sense of self-confidence in your child to never give up and always keep trying. There are so many lessons flying kites can teach a child so make sure you use all the elements to create a fun and learning environment for your child while flying kites.

Create Your Own Kite With FLY360’s Workshop

Imagination runs wild and free when you give it a platform to grow. A child’s mind develops by seeing, observing and doing things by themselves.

When talking about flying kites, we can’t miss out on the opportunity to actually create our kites with our own hands, adding a flair of our own personality into our creation that will soon fly high in the sky!

FLY360’s modern kite making workshop welcomes everyone with open arms. Whether you are a tiny toddler who wishes to fill his or her kite with splashes of colours or a 70-year-old reliving glimpses of your precious childhood, you will enjoy the workshop nevertheless and take home a lot more than just your kite with you as it is an experience of a lifetime.

We provide you with all the necessary tools and decorative pieces that you might need while designing your kite and assist you in the process, walking you through every step.

So, let your creativity loose itself into the colours, shapes and sizes of kites and create a flying beauty of your own with FLY360.

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Your little ones deserve to have a day filled with laughter, unexplainable happiness that comes with flying a kite up in the wide sky! It comes with a number of qualities to cherish; it teaches your child about patience and diligence, it establishes an unbreakable bond between you and your family as you spend the peaceful Sunday in the company of giggles and imagination running wild, it encourages the children to stay active as they learn and grow, and so much more.

Let your children live their childhood by sprinting across the field as their kites mimic their actions up in the open sky, radiating a sense of pride, accomplishment and happiness all across the landscape.

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