Single line kites

The word ‘kite’ helps us recall tons of good childhood memories and single line kites are one of those which almost all of us flew as children. Single line kites appear in various forms and patterns, are distinguished by use of a single string, with no need of additional lifting device. Easy to control, these kites are great for beginners or youngsters to indulge in the sport of kite flying.

They can also be enjoyed by adults, as today, with a few changes in form and frame material, these kites are simple to handle. Nowadays a wide range of single line kites is available in the market, like diamond, delta, parafoil, sled, etc. Some of the types are described below:-

Box kite

In the year 1894, a designer called Lawrence Hargrave once invented a box kite that could lift one into the air. Later, Samuel Cody made improvisations in the previous design; his winged box kite could lift people to heights of at least 1600 feet as it performed well in windy conditions.

They are also termed as cellular kites now and have great flight stability due to their multi-surface design and three dimensional flying structures. Box kites also come in a lot of variations like pyramid box kites, explorer box kites and b-box kites, etc.

Box kite - Mauritius kite festival | FLY360
Box kite - Mauritius kite festival | FLY360

Delta kite

The present day delta kite is designed in a way that makes it the most efficient one as it can surpass other kites in light winds. It derives its name from a Greek alphabet which somewhat resembles a triangle, and is therefore called Delta.

These kites can fly at high line angles, are stable, easy to handle, and are triangular in shape with a protean design. Their designs can be adapted to suit all wind ranges. These also come in different types like strata delta, geometric pyro delta, fish pyro delta, etc.

Delta shape kite - Narendra modi | Andaman and nicobar islands
Delta kite - kite flying in celebrations

Delta conyne kite

This type of single line kite gained popularity in the late seventies and early eighties and also has its own types, like alpine delta Conyne, rocky mountain delta Conyne, and mesa delta Conyne. It is a fusion design which comprises of a blend of delta and a box kite.

This cross-breed design combines lifting power of large delta wings with the stability of a central cellular box. These are simple to handle, offer great stability, and can fly well in a variety of wind ranges.

Delta conyne kite | FLY360

Diamond shape kite

How would it be to live one’s childhood memories while flying this kite? As this single line kite had always been popular and recognizable due to its firm and reliable flying characteristics. They are also referred to as two stick kites, as the two sticks are the spars running from nose to tail of the kite.

They are easy to construct, beginners usually find them as a good start as they are the perfect size for children. They come in various designs, like the square flyer, mesh diamond, and diamond dragon, and look fabulous even as decoration pieces.

Diamond shape kite | FLy360
Diamond shape kite | kite tail | FLY360

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Parafoil kite

Remember the kites you see in the air at various carnivals? Yes, these single line kites are the ones flown at such occasions. Also known as soft kites, as they have no rigid spars in their construction, are flown over the sand but not used for surfing due to their difficult re-launch from water.

Due to lack of spars, they become easy to carry, safe for children to fly, and there’s no worry regarding breakage if it crash lands. Many of them are home-made though, and its types include; premier parafoil kites, crayonfoil parafoil and scuba diver.

Kite flying during Christmas celebration

Sled kite

Simple to make kites, can be made in about fifteen minutes, these single line kites were developed in the 1950s with a semi-rigid design. These kites have two straight spars, running the length of the kite, which help it to maintain its shape and form.

Sled kites can be divided into categories; super sleds and power sleds, are less than 1.2 meters long, easy to manage in moderate wind ranges. Sleds are known for their lifting ability, have been used by fishermen or photographers in their aerial kite photo shoots.

types of kites

Rokkaku kite

This single line kite is a traditional Japanese fighting kite, and is still made in Japan from traditional construction material. They are not only popular in the country of origin but also in the West. In the United States, Rok battle enthusiasts have their own rules and kites made from modern materials. It’s structure is hexagonal and has a tailless bowed design.

Traditionally, in Rokkaku battles, different teams of people controlled a single kite with the sole purpose of knocking out the kite of the opponent team in the sky. Today, they are flown by individuals too and fly well in sundry wind ranges.

Rokkaku kite | single line kite | FLY360
Rokkaku kite | single line kite | FLY360

Art or Animal shaped kites

Nowadays kite sellers have picked up a variety of designs, adopting traditional forms and patterns or playing with their creative geniuses to come up with arts and animal kites. These kites give an aesthetic artistic look in the sky or even on the living room wall of the house as simple decorative pieces.

The best part about them is that they come in all sorts of designs, from bats to butterflies or birds to tribal art designs. They can even be presented as birthday or Christmas gifts, and children enjoy flying these beautifully designed, colorful kites.

Social Gathering kite festival FLY360

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