Genre of Work

International and National Kite Festival Organizer

From the time of our establishment i.e., 1996  FLY360 has always pledged towards spreading the hobby of kite flying throughout India and across the globe. We have been awarded with numerous opportunities to be consultants in organizing many kite festivals locally or kite events and numerous International kite festivals abroad.

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Branding on kites

Companies are always looking for innovative ways for branding or product promotion. What better than to brand your company in the sky. FLY360 can make custom design kites to promote your brand in an unimaginable fashion. We can also make a kite in shape of your product and give it as a small souvenir to the attendees of the launch as a special gift.

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Construction site Promotion

Kite flying is a family activity, where people from all age group can have a fun. FLY360 has flown kite in many construction site promotional events. We have been successful as we engage the kids in flying our kites while the elders can take time to explore the property.

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Wedding or Anniversary Celebration

Indians are proudly known for their Big fat weddings and celebrations. Every wedding or anniversary celebration shows how much love one has for the other and vice versa. Same is the feeling of all our clients who want to make their day ultra-special. FLY360 has been successful to create a memorable and everlasting experience that leaves guests feeling special or rewarded.

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Social Gathering

FLY 360 teams has been invited to showcase kites and conduct Modern kite making workshop for many social gatherings, community gatherings etc. It is said that one might not know how to fly kites but they will surely never like to miss the sight of kites flying in the sky with a smile on their face. People of all age groups can enjoy the experience of flying our magnificent kites or take part in our modern kite making workshop and make a kite of their own.

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Political Party Promotion Campaigns

Political parties want to reach out to the masses during election time to get their support in the elections. During the campaign, a party tries hard to promote its ideas and policies on different contemporary issues through various media. FLY360 can help create such an event that will help parties promote their Ideology by branding the party logo etc on kites and flying them high in the sky to reach a broader audience.

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Celebrations are the most joyous moments to be looked for and there can be various reasons to celebrate often – awards ceremonies, milestone recognition, company parties, and social events. Celebrations are often organized to create a memorable and meaningful experience that leaves guests feeling special or rewarded. Team FLY360 with our outstanding kites and professional skills would definitely amaze your guests and add a unique quotient to your celebrations.

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Promote Tourism

Any events which attract or have the potential to attract tourists, are often held to raise the profile, image or awareness of a region/city/country. To attract huge number of crowd kite shows can be conducted so that people from far of can also see the huge and beautiful kites and also it adds the beauty of tourist spot wherever conducted. FLY 360 can help in conducting such kite events.

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Summer Camps

Kite making is an interesting and innovative method for finding out about Science, Maths, Art , History.  Flying a kite made by yourself is more than fun. Kite flying is an century old tradition, FLY360 is reviving it by introducing the same to the future generation in fun and knowledgeable way.

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