The custom of kite flying in India is old and expected to have been brought into the nation by Chinese explorers Huin Tsang and F Hien. The initial Chinese kites were rectangular and utilized for estimating separations, flagging as well as for imparting military tasks.

After kites were introduced in India, they were named in Hindi as ‘patang’ (Fighter kite). Throughout the years, both kite-flying and kite-production processes have advanced.

As an upgrade from the old sensitive ones that were made out of paper and bamboo sticks, kites are currently made with light weight durable materials that make them stronger. Molded like a precious stone, they have an inside spine and a bow formed meeting spine that offers shape to it.

Kites have been evolving for quite some time now. Today, there are more assortments accessible as compared to 15 years prior. There are more colours and options to browse from as well.

Kite flying has been increasing to mark various festivals. One such festival would be the Uttarayan festival, which is devoted especially for kites. Similarly, kites are being flown to celebrate other events too.

Malpe kite festival

The sky wore a dynamic look and seemed to be a sprinkle of hues on December 31st at an open ground in Malpe beach.

The first kite festival organized by FLY360 along with Udupi district administration and Malpe Development Committee, had many energized members turning up at the event, where both the kites and spirits took off high.

While this was the very first time they were even touching a kite for certain members; for others- it was a chance to reminisce about their childhood days. Udupi MLA Raghupati Bhat inaugurated the show by releasing the balloons.

Genre of work - Beach kite event fly360 KITE FESTIVAL 2019 14

Variation in kites

FLY360 Team accompanied 30-40 kites of various shapes and sizes with a team of 30 professional flyer’s. Two shows were held alongside LED night flying kites .

There were round spinner kites, various 3D kites in the shape of a tiger, teddy bear, Transformers, heart shape, ladybug kite, hare kite, trilogy chomp kite, panda shape kite, Ashoka Chakra kite, frog kite, 110 feet in length snake kite, Santa Claus, octopus kite, fish kite, monster kite, distinctive LED kites .

The fest pulled in kite lovers from everywhere around Malpe, Karnataka. Several kite flyers, displaying a great deal of excitement, rushed to the shoreline to show their ability with splendid and delightful flying machines.

Numerous individuals accumulated to take a stab at kite flying. Children from different schools had been granted a day off to just spend time flying kites on the beach.

Social Gathering kite festival FLY360

Kites even after Sunset

FLY360 made it possible to fly kites ever after dawn with their LED kites. This, in turn, made it possible for the crowd present at Malpe beach to witness two types of kite flying – Day Flying and LED night flying. The sky was illuminated with different shining colours.

The kites were flown at different skill levels – from beginners to intermediate and advanced. Around 30 professional kite flyers participated in Malpe kite festival to help people see their kite up high!

FLY360 custom design led night flying kite
led night flying kite

Other Attractions

As a part of the new year celebration, along with kite flying, FLY360 brought in other attractions to entertain people of all age groups.

Modern kite making workshops were held to help people design their customised kite and bring their imagination to real life. Adding to the fun were the food stalls with various delicacies and grand fireworks to mark the beginning of the new year.

Other attractions in the night at Malpe Beach Kite Festival included Pancha Vadya, Koraga Dhol, Huli Vesha band, Nasik band, Nagare band, AGNI Troupe-African Fusion music and Percussion Jamming (a mixture of bands). A demo was given by FLY360 to show the various steps of preparing the kite for flying to the participants.

Past events

FLY360 has conducted various events in the past to mark different festivals. Diwali is one of the renowned festivals celebrated all over India. It’s a festival of lights.

FLY360 made it eco-friendly by introducing kites with reusable LED lights, thereby eliminating the need for crackers. Also, FLY360 has an amazing provision to design your customized lights and flying it with your family. Thus, ensuring a safe and creative Diwali.


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