Celebrations - a reason to make merry

When it comes to celebrations, you do not want to leave any stone unturned to help the guests enjoy the occasions along with your family. Celebrations help us recollect old memories, cherish celebrating the moment and enjoy being with friends and family.

Some celebrations are special like your wedding anniversary, birthdays, first birthday of your baby, etc. These occasions are quite special to celebrate with your family and friends. You may want to add more to just normal celebrations incorporating some interesting events. If you are looking forward to make your wedding anniversary special this year then how about including kite flying activity to your celebrations.

Celebrating through kites

Yes, it sounds interesting isn’t? Yes, you can surprise your guests or even your partner by including kite flying event in the whole celebrations. Thinking about how to go about it? do not worry FLY360 is specialized in organizing kite flying events to add more to your normal celebration and to entertain your guests by engaging them in a different activity that is otherwise mostly followed during kite festival only.

We are not just kite flying event organizers, but our team comprise of a bunch of kite flyers as well as designers. Our team will help you make most of the kite flying activity as your guests will get to interact with each other and enjoy it to the fullest. It certainly would encourage people to be little sporty. When you invite FLY360 to organize the kite activity you will find us with not just normal kites but customized kites as well that would go high up in the sky and remain there for a long time to let your guest experience the thrill of kite flying group activity.

If you are booking a lavish resort and want your guest to enjoy the ambience of the resort then kite flying activity is something that helps your guests come out of their respective rooms and participate in kite flying, which makes their stay entertaining. FLY360 will help your guest engage in kite flying rather than staying inside their rooms.

Your guest will be amazed to see our giant kites and inflatables flying freely in the sky. We also provide special kites for the couple who are celebrating their anniversary which is made of sturdy materials and bright paints so that they could make the celebrations memorable.

Couple enjoying kite flying - Kite Flying Show & Event - Artificial diamond studded lord Ganesh kite

Night long partying with Night flying kites

Flying kites in the night sounds bit unusual rite? With FLY360 you can make it happen. Yes, you may be thinking kite flying can be done only during the day time, but FLY360 introduce LED kites that enables you to fly kites during night hours as well. It is amazing to fly kites during the night as it is a new trend followed these days. Enjoying kite flying with stars twinkling in the sky will certainly add to your celebrations.

FLY360 makes your Diwali celebration more fun filled event with kite flying during night. Of course it would be fun as Diwali is an Indian celebration of lights celebrated during night and with lights everywhere, watching your celebration kites going high up in the sky would be more interesting than watching your cracker going up in the sky.

We are creative when it comes to designing kites and thus offer 3D look to our kites. They are light in weight and when they go up in the sky it will make every night as special as a celebration.

Our LED kites would help you enjoy the LED illumination show in the sky that will leave you stunned with the view. You are not just enjoying the illumination but also letting others to come out their house and watch the wonderful LED lightened sky with kites.

We make sure you enjoy LED kite flying and enlighten your Indian celebrations. Many people make it a part of their celebrations to enjoy something really different. Kite flying is indeed an activity that we used to love as kids isn’t? So, with FLY360 you can bring back your good old childhood days and not just enjoy kite flying during the day but also brighten the sky during night.

You can enjoy flying kites of 3D designs and let the sky witness the amazing illumination that gives you lots of fun. It can make your social events different as guests would enjoy something they never thought of. LED kites will help you see your kite as a star and part of sky in the night.

led night flying kite show fly360
LED Night flying kite event for construction
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For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded. For more details, please see our Contact Us.
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An innovative way to rejoice special moments

Your guests will certainly remember doing something different when you invite them for kite flying even during the dark hours of night. They will be amazed to see how kite flying can have a different form altogether.

Let your feelings fly as high as a kite and invite FLY360 to make your celebrations as special as ever and memorable too.

Kite flying during Christmas celebration
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For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded. For more details, please see our Contact Us.
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