Solapur International Kite Festival:

India hosts numerous kite festivals all throughout the year. The most famous ones are Ahmadabad and Hyderabad International Kite Festivals. One such famous kite festival was organized by Solapur in 2016 called “Solapur International Kite Festival”. A fabulous Kite Festival organized by the Rotary club of Solapur. The organizers had invited kite enthusiasts from all over the world to be a part of their wonderful event. We Team FLY360 were also invited from India to be a part of this show. This was a day long event and the organizers wanted to stand out and do something unique in their show apart from the usual flying. They got in touch with us and seek any unique ideas for making the event different from the usual stuff. We suggested them to organize a kite making workshop and aim for a world record on the same. The idea was highly appreciated and after a lot of discussions we finally agreed to go ahead to set a world record of carrying out a Kite making workshop. This record was organizing modern kite making workshop for more than 1000 people in one sitting!

Solapur railway station fly360 - kite festival
Solapur railway station
FLY360 team felicitation by Rotary club of Solapur. - kite festival
FLY360 team felicitation by Rotary club of Solapur.

Pre planning the workshop requisites

We had in prior carried out workshops for around 100 -200 people but never ventured into doing for such huge number! The count 1000+ was a big challenge as never in India or abroad has such a big kite making workshop had taken place. We barely had one month time to set up our team, gather materials, make kits etc. It was a tough but fun challenge to go with. We and the organizers started off with approaching the Guinness book of world records, Limca book of world records and other world record giving organizations. We were able to book slots for Limca book of world records and one more world record organization. Guinness world record wasn’t available to give any slot for us on the given dates.It was a moment and matter of pride for us to be associated with achieving such a record. Our happiness had seemed no bounds. The next main task for the workshop was of creating user friendly kits for the participants

Kite Making Kits

Our main agenda for workshops is to make sure that the professional kite makers only assist the kite making process and the actual participant is the one who is able to make his/her own kite with ease.With that focus we include easy to use and safe materials so that kids and adults find it comfortable to use while making Kites. Our kits are designed using high quality plastic and fiber materials for the kite, handy scissors, glue and sketches to make more attractive kites. We had hired 25 people for only kit making purpose this time to ensure that we are making high quality and safe kits. We made close to 1500 kits and also had a rough dry run a day before the actual show. These kits were to be handed over to the participants on the day of event to propagate the kite making process.

Solapur Day 1

With all the preparation and excitement from past 1 month we geared up to reach solapur on the day of the event. The Event kicked started with the organizers welcoming the teams from different countries and parts of India. Kitists from round the globe bonded over a quick breakfast and headed to the ground for flying. The place was very huge and quite high number of people had gathered to witness the event. Flyers from many parts of the world had come to fly their unique designer kites and bond with other kitists. Part of our team also was engaged in kite flying whereas the rest were preparing for the kite making workshop. The wind was superb at the start of the day so as many as kites had filled up the sky with their radiant hues.

Kite flying day 1 - FLY360 - kite festival
Kite flying
Big inflatable kites - FLY360 - kite festival
Big inflatable kites

Kite making workshop

The kite making workshop was to be conducted in parallel with the kite flying activities. At 8.30 AM we were introduced to close to 1200 kids who had come from schools nearby to participate in the kite making workshop. We are amazed by seeing such a huge turn up of kids for the workshop. We had brought with us around 100 professional kite artists and volunteers to coordinate with the workshop.The workshop started at around 9 AM with full swing of instructions and training being delivered to the kids on how to make a basic modern kite. The kite artists and volunteers divided the bunch of kids into smaller groups to carry out the workshop without hassle. There were huge LCD’s put up along the area where instructions were continuously being displayed.The workshop lasted for about 2 hours for all the participants to complete their kite making. Once the kites were ready, the kids were taught how to fly their hand made kite. We were extremely happy to see a gleamy smile on their faces when their kites flew higher along with the other kites.

The organizers and world record judges came up to us after inspection and were extremely happy to see such a successful completion of the workshop. All of them congratulated and appreciated our hard work and efforts for making the workshop a huge success! Our happiness doubled when we were awarded with a special monetary reward from the rotary club apart from the Limca world record certificate. This record has added a golden feather to our cap of achievements.

One with some of the members of team before we get started with the world record - FLY360 - kite festival
One with some of the members of team before we get started with the world record
World Record in process - kite festival
World Record in process
One of the kite made by the participant during workshop - FLY360 - kite festival
One of the kite made by the participant during workshop


The event came to a closure in the evening at around 6.30 PM post felicitation of all the kitsts who had participated in the kite festival and sponsors etc. Our team was highly admired by high dignitaries who had graced the event for conducting a very successful workshop. We were truly honored and obliged by the organizers support and collaboration to make this event a huge hit. On the next day we had a small glimpse of Solapur and then set off to home with a bundle of memories and accolades to cherish for a lifetime. We are extremely thankful to the Solapur kite festival for helping our team shine brighter in the world of kites.

FLY360 team with shield and certificate for successfully conducting modern kite making workshop- kite festival
FLY360 team with shield and certificate for successfully conducting modern kite making workshop
Limca book of record - FLY360 - kite festival
Limca book of records