Gujarat day celebration 2017

LED Night Kite flying Event in Ahmadabad

Gujarat day is the celebration of 57 golden years of progressive journey of Gujarat. It is a western state in India and often referred to as the”Jewel of Western India” marks its foundation on May 1. As a celebration of such an auspicious accomplishment throughout the year government has organized an event in Ahmedabad at Sabarmati riverfront.

After the dawn of the sunny skies will be illuminated with LED kites. Fly360 with its professional team of designer kites from all over India will fly their modern engineered night flying LED kites. The specialties of such kites are that they are uniquely designed for night flying. Most of the time, it has been seen that with the dawn of the sun wind drops. This makes it tricky to fly a huge kite with battery operated LEDs. The special lightweight fabric which is obviously waterproof is used in such kites. Even the spars used in this kites are expensive, durable and lightweight carbon ferrite rods.

One can see not one, not two or three but more than half a dozen led kites flying during the event. LED custom made kites are designed for Gujarat day celebration will be flown during the event. As many as 15 professional kite flyers will be taking part in the event. With a favorable wind condition, our professional kite flyers will be able to illuminate the sky with the led kites. We also use traditional lanterns tied on the strings which are a very classic and traditional method of night kite flying.

To all the Gujjus, Ahmadabadi’s out there don’t get comfortable in your cozy sofa get out with friends, family; come let’s celebrate the Gujarat day. Look up as we color the dark sky with our kites. A night with LED kites in the sky. See you all there?

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