Gujarat Tourism - Beach kite festival

Gujarat is blessed with the beautiful coastal area where most of the beaches are isolated or hidden due to non-tourist activities. To promote these beautiful beaches and tourist activities, Gujarat tourism had announced Beach festival in Gujarat on 28th and 29th of October 2017.

Team FLY360 was welcome to fly kites at Beach festival by the mayor of Dwarka and tourism head. Our team got this great chance to visit heritage city of Dwarka and fly creative kites on the shorelines of this heavenly city. We had a stay for 3 days amid the event, which included sightseeing for a day around the city of Dwarka going to Hindu temples and exploring the heritage city.

Day 1 - Dwarka

Next day i.e. on 28th we began flying our personalized kites at the scene of beach festival in Dwarka from 4:30 pm. We started the show with our eye candy “Bird Train kite” (100 kites in a line), trailed by our other mammoth inflatables. An enormous group was available to witness our gigantic kites and appreciate the fest by endeavoring to pick up this unique experience of kite flying.

This was just not it .we likewise caught the bizarre snapshots of the festival through our Aerial Photography by attaching a camera to one of our most stable kite string. By this camera, we endeavored to capture bird’s eye view of the festival. We have recorded the aggregate film of no less than 2 hours of the festival from our aerial camera. Mayor of Dwarka who was likewise present at the festival delighted in flying our unique designer kites along with the crowd.

Kites in the air - Beach Kite Festival at Dwarka 2017
Beach Kite Festival at Dwarka

As the sun went down we also took down our kites and unfolded our Led Night flying kites to make the evening glaze with our uniquely designed kites for night flying. This was a unique surprise for audiences as they were amazed to see such unique kites fly in the dark sky as well. People of all ages enjoyed the spectacular kite show put up by our team throughout the event. From kids to elders, we made sure that each time they looked up in the sky they were treated with a mesmerizing experience.

Ashok Shah flying kite - Beach Kite Festival at Dwarka 2017 - Fly360
Speech by Ashok shah at Beach Kite Festival

Day 2 - Kite flying at Madhavpur

Next day we exited for Madhavpur, another normally wonderful city with the spotless and lovely beach. We came to there at 4 pm to the venue. People from the whole way across the city had begun to come in, we soon began off by setting free our tremendous and alluring specially custom made kites in the sky.

The crowd waited to see our unique kite flying as the word of mouth regarding our spectacular show on the previous day had spread like a wildfire in the forest. Indeed, even the media had spread a decent word about the kite flying which the mayor and all the crowd present had enjoyed a lot. There were small games conducted at the festival by the organizers where we had our few team members participating actively.

Kites flying - Beach Kite Festival at Dwarka 2017

That was an end of the beach festival, this beach festival created some great moments and everlasting memories in our hearts!

Beach Kite Festival at Dwarka 2017
Beach Kite Festival

Kite Aerial photography

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