“Marriages are made in Heaven

Marriages are made in heaven” goes a famous saying which we have been hearing from ages, and they say that all the gods from 7 heavens come down to earth to bless the lovey-dovey couple on their special day. Well, this is something that was unfair and hence the concept of anniversary arrived!

An anniversary is a reminder to the heavenly gods to pour their blessings for each passing strong year for the couple. That is why Anniversaries are special, and to make it extra special each year couples go out of their way to express their love and care for each other and feel blessed for having one another in their lives. Every anniversary celebration shows how much love one has for the other and vice versa. Indeed this day reminds them of the bond and vows they decided to take a lifetime together!

Make your event special

Same was the feeling of one of our clients who wanted to make their anniversary ultra-special for them as they turned a year older together. The lovely couple ran out of their way and decided to celebrate their anniversary at Mahabaleshwar, a famous hill station in Maharashtra which is a famous honeymoon destination for newlywed couples. Our client couple had special memories attached to this place and hence this was their go-to spot to reweave their old golden times. For the celebration, the couple had booked a luxurious resort for a 2-day program where they had invited close friends, family members, and few other guests to be a part of their celebrations.


The resort had a perfect ambiance set for the guests with pool parties, sangeet, DJ etc. arranged for them to take advantage of relaxing and enjoy. But there was something lacking for the guests to feel different! and that’s when we at FLY360 were invited to indulge the guests in a different activity rather than the usual resort provided amenities. We were a group of 20 kite flyers who had come down with our enormous and unusual custom-designed kites which would roar the sky throughout the day and keep the guests enthralled with the kite flying activities. Our group of flyers were from various parts of Mumbai & Gujarat and we were truly delighted by the warm welcome and hospitality of the hosts. We were given spacious rooms to stay at the resort and were included in all the activities along with the other guests.

Day kite flying

Our main agenda for the 2 day anniversary event was to make sure guests are out of their rooms and take part in the kite flying activities with us so that they are not bored and also get to learn the art of kite flying. On Day 1 we start to fly as soon as we were done with the sumptuous breakfast provided by the resort. It was a bright sunny day with good wind pressure so we were able to fly many kites even though we had little space constraints. The guests started to grab the attention in the sky once we had our inflatables and huge kites set free in the sky. Soon the crowd begins to gather near each flyer and started to learn to fly those kites and take few pictures with the kites. We were really very happy to see people take interest in kite flying and give us compliments for our designer kites which we have made. Post lunch too we continued to fly till the sunset and then decided to chill out for the day.

wedding event

LED night kite flying

On Day 2, the actual anniversary day for the couple, the celebrations started with a bang by cake cutting, dance performances, personalized dedications from friends and family members etc. There was a special gift which the close family members wanted to give to the couple as a surprise! Yes, this special gift was a personally style heart shaped kite with the names of the couple etched on it designed by the team of FLY360. This kite was a huge heart-shaped kite made with durable material and paints so that the couple has this memory for a lifetime! The surprise was disclosed when one of the flyers from FLY360 took it up high in the sky and then the family and friends of the couple showed them up away in the sky. The couple was awestruck to see such wonderful gift presented to them and were very much delighted to see their love floating the romantic air of Mahabaleshwar! What else could be expected after such a lovely memorable anniversary day celebration which had all the hearts filled with immense joy and happiness!

The day ended up with a dinner party at the resort and DJ music keeping the guests enthralled throughout the night! It was a wonderful experience for us as well as we got to be a part of a lovely anniversary celebration and taste the aroma and beauty of Mahabaleshwar. Our heartfelt wishes for the couple for their anniversary and we hope their love flies higher and higher each year just like our kites.

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