Basant Panchami

The best part about living in a culturally diverse country like India is the amount of celebration that takes place every month. One such time of the month is the arrival of spring or Basant. This festival is marked by intense preparation, amongst different groups. This festival marks the end of dreary winter days and welcomes the spring season.

Why Basant panchami is celebrated?

Most of the Hindu festivals have a scriptural story which provides the history of each festival and how it’s origin came. Basant Panchami is a festival completely devoted to nature and has no significant story behind it.

basant panchami traditions

Why yellow is color of the season?

The reason why a large number of the population comes out flaunting their yellow numbers is that this festival marks the blossoming of fruits and flowers.

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How Basant panchami is celebrated?

The most generic way of celebrating Basant Panchami includes worshipping goddess Saraswati in different schools and organizations. This is done to ensure a positive start towards gaining knowledge.

People also prefer wearing yellow clothes to mark this occasion. Farmers across the country wear yellow turbans which signify the blooming yellow sarson. A significant proportion of people also like to fly kites to kick-start the event. Games and competitions in the area of kite flying are also thoroughly enjoyed.

Some people also consider cooking of yellow sweet food as auspicious which brings prosperity.

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Why Basant Panchami festival is losing its value ?

Most of the festivals tend to lose their value if people do not take effective steps to keep them alive. Basant Panchami which happens to be one of the biggest celebrations in North India is losing its ground because of the loss of value for nature.

People seem to be endlessly involved in their personal lives and don’t want to continue the traditional practices of kite flying. FLY360 is one such association of like-minded people who aim to restore this activity and create the same joyous aura.

This association recognizes the thrill associated with kite flying and how people relive the most joyful events with their friends and family. They not only manage to pull off an entire kite flying competition but aim to preserve this sport. FLY360 has been engaged with people in different events to make their experience bigger and better.

Kite flying has recently found a serious low because of a decline in urban people who carry forward this tradition. A lot of people consider the core values encircling this festival as meaningless. Kite flying which is a major tradition is being kept in its raw form only in rural areas.

Holidays are a mere source of enjoying the day with the family doing activities. However, holidays should also be used to instill traditional values in children and indulge in practices that enlighten them about cultural practices.

Such activities also instill family values and add fun to an otherwise boring life. Children look up to festive occasions to celebrate with their friends. However, lack of enthusiasm can be a major turn off from celebrations.

FLY360 incorporates 2 major services which can help in fostering traditional practices and enthusiastically relive them.

Kite making workshop by FLY360

These workshops encourage the Picasso in you to go out and use your creativity to create motion. Kites of different manners and subjects are crafted by people. The workshop focuses on making kites that correspond to the theme as well as instill art and creativity among people.

Design school - Modern kite making workshop
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Day and night Kite flying shows by FLY360

These events focus on getting a seemingly large sky filled with kites of different patterns and sizes. These experts make sure to create a picturesque moment with hundreds of kites battling in the sky for mutual co-existence.

These experts also make sure to include individuals who want to fly kites high in the sky. The moment is worth every single minute that every person breathes in such a calm and peaceful environment.

FLY360 also fosters love and brotherhood for all as a huge turn up of people for every event can be observed. These people are making strong efforts to not let this culture of kite flying slowly diminish. Coming together and celebrating nature with kite flying, what could be better than that?

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