Organizing kite flying to encourage and conserve kite flying

Kite flying festival

Kite flying is not just an activity but is one of the most celebrated Indian festival and Event and FLY360 is contributing to conserve the hobby of kite flying and taking the legacy of kite flying forward since 1996. We have not only given the opportunity to organize kite festival in India, but got the privilege to organize it abroad too.

We are not just kite festival organizers but also promote the kite flying activity to bring people together. We organize kite flying event not only for social gatherings, but also for corporate events. We take the pride to have our creative kites appear on top to enlighten and brighten the sky with amazing views that helps people make their celebrations special.

kite flying during day with ashok shah

FLY360 role in facilitating kite flying:

We also organize different kite flying shows for corporate gatherings. The show helps people to fly kites in a fun-filled environment and it is the best stress buster too. The kite flying shows organized by FLY360 encourage kite flying hobby not just for those who know how to fly the kite but also invite people who are willing to learn kite flying. Thus, we carry out workshops wherein the beginners can learn the art of flying kites and also how to make beautiful kites. The workshop welcomes people of all age groups.

We make your most special marriage event even more special. FLY360 offers printed kites that make your valuable moments special. We make the sky look amazing with beautiful arrangement of custom kites and your guests will be thrilled witness such an incredible view.

kite fest - kite event

Night kite flying with FLY 360

FLY360 not only makes kite flying events innovative during the day, but if you want you can enjoy flying our LED kites at night as well. With LED kites many people who celebrate their special occasions in the evening find it an amazing activity to be enjoyed during night hours. When the sky is quiet with stars all around, it is fun watching LED kite adding to the glorious sky and stars. LED kites indeed help illuminating the sky giving you an amazing view. Many people who love kite flying ensure that they make most of it with LED kites.

night kite flying

Our contribution towards environment:

FLY360 also helps make your events and shows eco-friendly. We care for the environment besides offering a fun filled environment. Our aim is to safeguard our mother nature as well as encourage kite flying activity. Thus we offer eco-friendly kites for kite flying enthusiasts.

FLY360 has also encouraged and supported kite flying festival in various states of India. In addition, we have organized a kite flying show at Mauritius, along with their 50th Independence Day celebrations. Here they celebrated kite festival with great enthusiasm. We organized workshops for people who loved joining the workshops to learn about kite flying and making. We got unbelievable response from people in different cities.

The main idea behind setting up workshop is to help people learn the art of making kites where our skilled kite makes only help people learn the art. We encourage people to make kite using their own ideas. We have prepared kits that include safe and eco-friendly materials that can be used without any hassles by both kids and adults. The kites are designed with high quality materials like fiber and plastic. The kites are made attractive using glue, scissors and sketches.

The judges who visited our workshops in different cities were happy to see the wonderful response by people joining the workshop. Our hard work was appreciated and the credit also goes to people who support us and those who participated in workshop in such large groups.

Man flying kite - Kite Flying Show & Event
World Record in process - kite festival

Continuing the legacy of kite flying forward:

Kite festival is an Indian festival and events that is enjoyed all throughout the country by celebrities and common people. We help kite festival brighten your day with our colourful kites. We create the event that helps youngsters, adults, and elderly people to participate wholeheartedly in the event. Our main objective is to help people interact, gather and fly vibrant coloured kites in the sky. They can actually participate in the event to see the sky getting colourful with kites. It doesn’t matter if you do not know kite flying. You can learn or just enjoy flying without anyone there to judge you.

The designer kites that we provide help you enjoy the kite flying festival even more as the creativity of our designers attracts a lot of people. We are trying kite flying to the next level. Our kite designers help us accomplish the task. We are in process of transforming the kite designing concept so that people who are interested in learning the art of kite making can join our workshops and put in their own ideas to make kites. It is an engaging art that will help you get into a different world of creativity. So, it is not just the flying skills you can master but also the kite making skill you can learn with us.

Mumbai Life Festival day kite

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