Making the summer camps more productive and exciting with kite preparation workshops

Summer brings the creative camps:

Are you engaged in the process of organizing a summer camp? Then you should brainstorm and come up with the best activities, so that all kids who attend it can enjoy. The activities that are organized at the summer camp should be fun and exciting. On the other hand, all kids should be provided with the opportunity to take part in the activity and enjoy their stay. In addition, the kids should be able to learn and walk away with a bunch of knowledge at the end of the summer camp.

Lets make kites this summer:

The kite preparation workshops are creative. In addition, they are in a position to provide a lot of knowledge to the kids as well. The kids who take part in the kite making workshop will be able to enhance their knowledge on a variety of subjects, including arts, maths, science and history. This can supplement the studies that We at the school. Hence, it will not be just another fun filled activity.

kite making workshop
kite making with kids and ashok shah

How FLY 360 can help you:

If you are willing to introduce a celebration kite’s workshop to your summer camp, all you have to do is to get the assistance of us at FLY360. We have a lot of experience with organizing kite making workshops at different activities. Therefore, you can think about getting our assistance for the summer camp that you do as well. Then you will be able to transform that into a fascinating one.

Our company is equipped with a team of kite making professionals. We have a clear understanding on what needs to be done in order to teach others with kite preparation activities. In fact, our team has more than 20 years of experience with kite making. The team has been able to maintain a tremendous reputation throughout the past by crafting the most fabulous kites. We are willing to share the knowledge that we have gathered at your social gathering as well. Therefore, you can invite the team to be present in your summer camp to organize a kite preparation workshop.

The team at FLY360 has a passion towards kite making. As a result, we will go ahead and share the knowledge with the kids with passion. We enjoy every moment that is being spent with the preparation of kites. Hence, all the kids will be able to enjoy the time that is being spent in the summer camp. In addition, the kids will be able to learn the best techniques available for the preparation of most fabulous kites as well.

kids making kites

Kite making workshop with FLY 360:

The kids who come to the summer camp don’t need to bring anything in order to take part in the kite preparation workshop. FLY360 will come with all the materials and the kids just need to take part in it and grab the knowledge. This can also provide a tremendous assistance to you with the summer camp organizing activities. That’s because you will be kept away from the hassle of looking for the supplies that are needed.

Making fabulous kites is an easy thing to do. FLY360 will convince that to all the kids who are present at the activity. On the other hand, the kids will be able to develop their skills on how to work on something creative. This knowledge and experience could benefit them for a lifetime. Since step by step instructions are being provided to the kids, we will find it as an easy task to get the much needed knowledge. On the other hand, the kids will be able to remember all the steps and create kites on their own.

summer camp kite making with ashok shah

Not just making but flying too!

After the kite making workshop, FLY360 will encourage the kids to fly all the kites. This will provide a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction for the kids. We can be proud about the work that we did, out of the knowledge that we could gain at the kite making workshop. In the meantime, you can also ask FLY360 to conduct a kite show at the social gathering. The unique and custom made kites made by FLY360 can make the activity a colourful one.

It is better if you can organize the kite making workshop at your summer camp in the evening. Then the kids will be able to light up their kites and fly them in the night sky. At summer camps, you will come across the need to provide a great experience to all the kids at the evenings. The kite flying show has got the ability to fill in that gap. The night kite flying activities will be something new for the kids. However, we will enjoy what we are being provided with and it can impress the kids. The kids would love the time that is being spent in the summer camp due to the availability of such activities.

dashain festival kids flying kites
Girl flying kite - Modern kite making workshop

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