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Traditional Indian Kite

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Indian Kite:

Kites have been flown in India since ages and decades. Kite flying has been an active sport and tradition in India since many years. This craze has increased rapidly over the years.The traditional Indian Kite is called “Patang”. A simple Indian Kite is made of a thin paper or plastic material with wooden sticks attached to it. The wooden sticks are arranged in a way that the kite stays stable up in the sky. The patang as it is called, is tied up with help of a thread at 2 positions parallel to each other on the wooden stick.The thread used to fly the Indian kite is called as “Manjha”. The manjha is a cotton thread glace with powdered glass to make it tougher and stronger. The Indian kite has now evolved from years and now is available in different sizes and shapes ranging from 5 rs to 500 rs.

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