Mumbai - Property expo

Mumbai is called the city of dreams! A city where we see a lot of sand castles being constructed at the beaches towards the evening wishing that someday these sand castles turn into reality for most of them. To own a small piece of land in this wonderful city is still a dream of a lifetime for many people who live in and around the city. To make these dreams come true the builders of Mumbai had come up with a 3-day festival called the Mumbai Life festival a property expo which was held from 3rd – 6th Feb 2017 in Neral, Mumbai.

Corporate event - Property expo

It was a huge corporate event sponsored by big property developers and all the builders from Mumbai and nearby areas took part in it to showcase variety of upcoming and existing properties, ventures in and around Mumbai ranging from 5 lakhs to 5 crores with over 150+ options so that people from all income groups can take a look at them and plan their dream houses accordingly. The main agenda of the event was to make aware and educate investors and buyers about Neral and real estate market in the city, this was done with a motive that every investor should be aware of the norms and market conditions while making a purchase so that they aren’t bluffed by the fraudulent brokers and always make sure to make a right choice when purchasing real estate properties.

The expo also highlighted the unity and collaboration between the property developers in and around Mumbai and how they want to create extraordinary customized homes for people of all kinds.

Mumbai Life Festival kites in the air

Neral - Property expo

Neral which falls on the outskirts of Mumbai was something of a worry to the organizers, pulling people towards the venue was a big challenge as they had to make people come all the way from various parts of the city to Neral and also give them a reason to spend their valuable time throughout the 3-day expo. The focus here for the builders and real estate businessmen was to try and make each footfall be converted into sales which could be benefiting both the parties. Just an ordinary expo would not have made such strong impact to pull in a huge crowd from the main city unless there were some other means of attraction and entertainment for the people to keep them engrossed. This is when FLY360 came into the scenario.

As part of the expo we were responsible to keep the crowd engrossed in the expo throughout the day by flying various kinds of enormous and unusual kites and send the public back home with a heartwarming memory, for the event we had also specially designed few kites with the title and logo of the expo so that when these huge gigantic kites flew in the sky it would attract maximum crowd towards the venue. As this event would be attended by families having members of different ages kite flying was one such medium where kids and adults of all ages could take part in and also be interested to watch the kites tune in the sky. This activity converted the property expo into an outing for the families who attended the event. Our extraordinary huge kites also served as a pinpoint to locate the venue.

About the event

From the expo organizers, we were treated by a royal stay in a resort nearby with our team members which truly showed their gratitude and hospitality in high means.The event organizers had also provided special transport facility to the people attending the expo by providing cabs from Neral station to the venue to make sure that investors reach the expo in comfort without any hassle. The expo also had other attractions like entertaining clowns at the entrance for kids, a mini-exhibition of handicrafts, handloom work, ladies’ accessories and yummy food stalls to tackle the taste buds of the crowd.

These helped in attracting a huge number of people to the event and also keeping the crowd intact and engaged throughout the 3 days of the expo. Indeed, a smart marketing move by the organizers. They had also set up 2 huge hot air balloon rides for the people where the balloon would fly up to a certain height in the sky take a small tour of the expo and give people a bird’s eye view of the expo as well as Neral, this was like an icing on the cake for the people present at the venue.

Our team of flyers consisted of 15 members from Gujarat and Mumbai which filled the sky with exclusive kites, we also conducted a small kite making workshop for kids of various ages to keep them engrossed in productive activity while their parents made decisions on buying their dream houses, this workshop also made them take back a small memory of a kite which they had designed and flew on their own. The event wasn’t just a day event as the property expo continued until the night and so we also made sure that the crowd doesn’t see a plain sky at the set of dusk.

Kite Making Workshop-Fly360

LED night Kites flying show

We flew our designer LED night kites of different sizes and shapes along with some peppy music which was a true delight to the people’s eyes and one of the big highlights of the event. On the first 2 days the wind was good and this made us fly as many kites on the sky and made sure that the sky was full of vivid colors in the day as well as night, on the 3rd day the wind pressure was a bit moderate but that didn’t let the audience down as we were still able to fly the kites and keep them entertained during the day and at night the wind had slowly picked up the pace which made night kite flying more easier and better.

Overall the 3 days of Mumbai Life festival although was tiring towards the end but it was a different and new experience for us where we got to learn about how real estate market works and what kinds of properties are being constructed in and around Mumbai, also we got a chance to meet people from different walks of life, learn their values and share experiences. We were also very pleased by the hospitality, astonished by the management skills of the organizers for their well planned and executed event as more than lakhs of people had visited the expo over the span of 3 days, but there were no signs of any hassle or inconvenience that the public might have faced throughout the expo, everyone’s faces were beaming with smiles and were giving positive feedback about the event.

LED Night flying kites - Construction site promotion
FLY360 custom design led night flying kite

Special moments

There were special fan moments that we shared with few of the people at the venue who were really impressed by our custom-made kites which we flew and were all praises for our team for putting up such a great show at the event. These small moments of happiness were a treasure to be cherished for a lifetime.

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