15 August Celebration

15th August marks the “Independence Day” in India. A day to rejoice the independent India. Delhi the capital city of India is a treat to watch for on this special day. Parts of Delhi celebrate this special day in different ways and the whole city is lighten up in the aura of freedom. The aroma and zeal of independence lingers all throughout the week of Independence. Kite flying has always been a major part of celebrations as part of Independence Since 1927. It is not sure whether people flew kites on 15th Aug 1947 or not but kite flying does have a symbolism with Independence. In year 1927, people were protesting Simon’s visit and commission. The atmosphere was filled with ‘Go Back Simon’ slogan. To make reach the slogan far and wide, people wrote the same slogan and flew kites. That signified the urge to have freedom and independence from British Raj. Since then it has become customary to fly kite. As well as, it gives a feeling of success with freedom when one sees his/her kite reaching the unbound sky.

narendra modi with kite

Last year too the spirit of freedom scaled colorful heights in the skies of the capital when professional kite fliers from India and different parts of the world were called to celebrate the Independence Day by kite-flying. Delhi tourism every year organizes daylong event where professional flyers along with locals come together and fly kites on 15th August to celebrate Independence and freedom in a unique way. Professional flyers from across the globe are invited specially to fly their unique kites to showcase freedom. On the day of event we not only get to see traditional Indian fighter kites called Patangbut also new modern varieties of huge unusual and designer kites which brighten up the plain sky in varied colors and shapes. The essence of freedom not only goes deep into our land but also touches the peaks of the sky.

We the team of FLY 360 were called on behalf of India to be a part of this special event and display our love for our country through kites. It was one of the proudest moments for us till date to get a chance to showcase our talent, skills and love for our country by doing things which we love and are passionate about. We flew our specially designed 100 Indian flags kites which was greatly appreciated by all. Mr. Sudhir Sobti of Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation while addressing the audience about Independence Day, also quoted us: “The high point of the festival was flying 100 Indian flag kites on one thread by FLY360 team”. This was our most honored moment of the event. Apart from that we also flew our 3 tiger kites which also represent the National Animal of India. International kite flyers also flew various enormous kites which were a treat to the eyes of audience. Our team also conducted a kite making workshop for the locals who attended the event which was a cherry on the icing. All the people who were a part of the workshop were extremely happy to fly their own kite and see their kite adding beauty to the sky.

Delhi patag kite bajar - Kite Flying Festival in Delhi
Kite Flying Festival in Delhi

Kite making and flying

Kite making and flying has become a dying tradition as the current generation has almost forgot how to fly kites. The Delhi government official also quoted: “The idea of the government was to revive the old tradition, keep new fliers updated about the tradition and initiate novices.” It was indeed a great initiative of collaborating with National and International kite flyers as they get to interact and bond together over kite flying and discussing ideas to innovate and boost up the kite flying hobby and passion amongst others as well. FLY360 team also spoke about the importance of keeping the tradition of kite flying alive amongst the youth and teach the new generation the art of kite making.

The whole event wasn’t just kite flying and kite making but it had more to it. There were musicians humming the best patriotic songs for the crowd. There were also activities and play area for children to have fun. It was like a patriotic carnival. People had come dressed in the tri color coordination and exhibited their love for the country in different ways like tattoos, body painting the flag etc. There were also some documentaries and speeches delivered by well-known personalities on Independence struggle and post-independence glorification of India. The event ended up in the evening at the set of dusk with all happy and smiling faces beaming with zest of freedom.


Although it is just a day where we celebrate Independence on a large scale, but I feel we should celebrate freedom and independence in our day to day lives with the same zeal. Independence is not just specific to a nation but it should come in every sense for the individuals. We should be free from caste, creed, race, religion, regional differences, gender discrimination etc. We still have social issues/causes where we still are caged in bars like rape, domestic violence, child marriage, dowry, poverty etc. We need to come together and eradicate all these issues with unity and once that is achieved we will be Independent in all true senses. Let’s hope to strive for a true and progressive India free from all sorts of concerns.

Wishing you all the readers a Happy Independent day and independent years to come from Team FLY360! Let’s elevate the joy of freedom and set our problems and issues free up in the sky with kites and keep spreading smiles.

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